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Meet the baker

Jasmin Rai - OWNER

"Hey, lovelies and welcome to my website where you will find cakes, bakes and all things sweet! I specialise in 100% vegetarian, meat-free and eggless baking so everything you see on my website is 100% Vegetarian with some Vegan options."


my passion for sweet Treatz began after the birth of my second child, I found a new love for baking cupcakes during my maternity and the more people ate and enjoyed them the more I wanted to bake. In 2013 I decided to become a full-time mum to my children as childcare costs were crazy for two under 3-year-olds. Here I also decided to try and build my own little Sweet Treatz empire and since then I have never looked back. 


I love experimenting with flavours and desserts and just making really tasty Treatz for everyone to enjoy. From bespoke cakes, wedding cakes, dessert stations, chocolate fountains, brownies, blondies, cheesecakes, cookies... OMG, the list goes on.


Although I’ve made many novelty themed cakes in my time my real passion is buttercream cakes, using colours and textures, fruits, chocolates and other edible materials...

I love creating art out of cakes!

- Jasmin Rai

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