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our cupcake story....

Sweet Treatz first actually started with only Cupcakes and they weren’t vegetarian either. I just wanted to try my hand at something a little different and coming from a creative background I found I could express my creativity at a small scale with cupcakes (I was so fearful of taking on bigger cakes at this point). These were a huge hit and I was mass producing for the likes of Sky TV and Sky Sports.


But the creativity really started during my cousins wedding when I wanted to do something different and fun for all us girlies and that’s when the “Mehndi Cupcakes’’ were born. We sat for hours hand painting these beautiful paisley cupcakes for the prefect Mehndi night. And since then these have been a signature cupcake of mine. 

we also have a bespoke cupcakes

add a little something special to your occasion or event with our bespoke cupcakes, perfect to give as a gift or to hand out as favours-

tell us your theme and let us create the rest!

hand painted mehndi cupcakes

each cupcake is carefully hand painted by our talented bakery chef jasmin rai.

bespoke cupcakes

pick the theme and provide us with the exact description of what you want!
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