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Looking after your cake

Handling & Transportation 

Carry your cakes carefully.

1. Bags and boxes should be held upright, steady and level to avoid decorations from falling off, or a cupcake from toppling over.
2. Try not to hold more than one bag in one hand as this will make the cakes tilt and slide.
3. Party cakes shouldn’t be stacked on top of each other, to avoid decorations getting squashed.
4. If transporting by car, please place cake boxes onto a level, non-slip surface and try to avoid bumpy roads!
5. Long journeys can cause the icing to soften, and on this basis please try to avoid your purchase being left outside the fridge for more than 30 minutes (or about 15 minutes in warm weather)

Please ensure that you read the information carefully as we cannot be held liable for damaged items caused by incorrect handling and transportation, once the purchase has been handed over to the customer or an external courier company organised by the customer.

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