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Allergy advice


Please note that all our products are baked fresh onsite in our kitchen, which handles ingredients used to make all our products. While we do have processes in place to minimize the risk of cross-contamination, we have a small kitchen and do not have segregated production lines, so cross-contamination of ingredients is possible. 

our kitchen handles all the main allergens of dairy, nuts, peanuts, gluten (wheat), sesame, sulfites, and soya.

If you have a serious allergy to any of these allergens or one which could cause you to have a major allergic reaction, sadly the only way for you to be 100% safe is not to consume any of our products.

Religious Dietary Information

None of our products are certified Halal or Kosher. We do not use alcohol in most of our products. Any products that do contain alcohol, will be clearly stated when the order is discussed.  If you do not eat eggs, Don't worry, all of our bakes/cakes are 100% egg-free, however, if it is vegan you are after then please let us know as we do have vegan options available. 

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